Lisa Burbage | National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees


Does your company really need a wellness program?

Do you see signs of low morale, poor communication, employee health issues, and strained teamwork? If so, your employees can benefit from my Workplace Wellness Program designed to help employees set and reach goals, improve energy, create new healthy habits, and foster a productive, healthy work environment.

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Lisa’s hard work, dedication and willingness to give freely of her time led to the successful implementation of the DPP Program. Serving as a community champion Lisa’s leadership helped to garner the national recognition received and the high retention for the year long program was a direct result of the passion she exhibited and the trust she built with those whom she taught.

- Kristin Slocum, MPH Midlands Region Public Health Coordinator, SC Dept of Health and Environmental Control


What’s the Big Deal?

A properly implemented Workplace Wellness Program is a win-win for both the employer and employee.


Companies that encourage and foster a supportive environment where employees are motivated to stay healthy often realize fewer days of absenteeism and less turnover in the workplace. Employees are more productive and develop an even greater appreciation and loyal attitude towards their employer.


Employees are able to take a more proactive role in meeting their own strategic wellness goals. With a more confident morale, employees feel stronger and more secure. In some cases, employees benefit as they are less likely to see their employers pass on rising healthcare costs through higher deductibles.


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