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“I have been meaning to message you about some exciting and heartfelt news. First, I have finally saved enough money to shop for new clothes. I am out of the plus sizes for the first time in many years. But it gets better. I am off my heart medication, Spironolactone, and have been able to reduce my resting heart rate from 115 to 63 or below this past year. I have your guidance to thank for that. Please continue to spread this awareness. I have finally given myself the opportunity to follow my biggest “why” – and that was to give myself the opportunity to live again. “I cannot begin to tell you how blessed and emotional I am to finally have all this weight off. I haven’t been this thin for years and I haven’t felt this empowered. As I am writing this, I am on the verge of tears because I am so thankful to have taken this course. Thank you for allowing me to see so much.” – Kathleen, Charleston, S.C.

“I signed up for Lisa’s class because I was told it was about healthy living. I’ve known that I needed to get healthier for quite a while, so this intrigued me. I’d done Weight Watchers years ago and it worked but then life happened and the pounds came back on plus some. Being stressed with life events for several years did not help. I knew it was time to focus on me and try and get healthier; not only for me personally but to be a positive example for my children. It was important to not only extend my life but also the quality of it by being healthier and therefore able to have more time with my family and not be a burden.

Some of the things that I like about the class is that you start learning right away but you don’t make any changes for the first few weeks. Then as the classes continued, I started to make small changes and surprisingly I started to lose a pound or 2. As I continued with the small changes I lost a few more pounds. I eventually needed to buy smaller sized clothes. It was a surprise to me when it happened, even though it shouldn’t have been, but I guess I didn’t think that I would be able to stick with it and lose enough weight to really see a difference. However, now I am down two dress sizes and have lost 22 lbs so far.

At a regular visit with my doctor, she was surprised at how much weight I’d lost. After reviewing some changes since my last visit with her, she took me off my blood pressure medication. That was a huge step. When I started on the medication 13 years ago, I asked what I could do to ultimately get off of the medicine. She told me that I’d probably be on the medication the rest of my life. Now, thanks to Lisa’s class, I’ve been taken off the medication and will be checked in a couple of months to see how I’m responding. This was a benefit of the class I didn’t expect. I’m half way to my weigh loss goal and have a few more new ideas on how to increase my physical activity. My weight loss journey continues with the support of Lisa, her class and my classmates. I hate to see the class come to an end!”-
— Jane, Summerville S.C.

“I worked with Lisa Burbage as a health coach in her 6 month Healthy Habits program. Even though I knew a lot about health and wellness, Lisa’s tools helped me realize how all aspects of our lives are interconnected. Two goals that I tackled with Lisa were weight loss and having a more positive outlook on life. During the program I lost 13 lbs and am continuing to lose more weight. I have learned how to handle situations that in the past would have caused me to overeat. Lisa was also very good about gently challenging me to expand my thinking with probing questions. At times, I could not answer her questions in the moment, but was able to reflect on them between sessions, leading to stronger self awareness. I really appreciated Lisa’s gentle demeanor and easy coaching style. The strategies she has taught me have provide a whole new way of looking at food and life. I know 2018 will be the year I not only reach my total weight loss goal but more importantly keep it off.” – Ann, Cincinnati, Ohio

“The preventing diabetes class taught by Lisa Burbage is phenomenal! It has given me the tools I needed to succeed with my health goals! Down almost 25 pounds, I can honestly say this was the positive push I needed! I have learned that health and weight challenges cannot be resolved overnight and that it takes persistence, patience, and hard work. This class has taught me that if you are willing to have those three things, then you can and will reach your goals! I would recommend this class to anyone wanting realistic tools to apply to everyday life to achieve better health. I have gained so much confidence within myself and looking forward to gaining even more. I know had it not been for this class I would not be where I am with my health goals today. Thanks Lisa!”
— Nichole, Charleston, S.C.