Meet Lisa

With Lisa Burbage—a national board-certified health and wellness coach, NBC-HWC, M.Ed.— at the helm, Wellness Five helps people create healthier lifestyles that work for them. We take science-backed research and make healthy living advice come to life via simple tips anyone can use, anytime.

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Our approach to healthy living extends far beyond diet and exercise to sleep, stress, relationships, life purpose and so much more. All five pillars of wellness — Physical, to include healthy eating and fitness; Social, to include emotional and mental; Career; Financial and Community.  — work together to create a healthier lifestyle that works for you.

At Wellness Five, we believe that our bodies and minds — these extraordinary wonders that pump blood, transmit nerve signals, and tell us we need nourishment — instinctively crave good health and life balance.

But it’s the stuff of life — clothes, jobs, bills, cars, phones, meetings, and the endless chatter about thinner waists and thicker hair, softer skin and harder abs, more money and less time — that distracts, creates doubt, and derails us from getting there.


That’s why we take a science-based, whole-person, nurturing approach to healthy living. We understand that while wellness feels and looks different to different people, we’re all connected by the power of making informed, healthy choices and creating better habits so we can live our most energetic, vibrant life.

When we create one healthy, positive change, we open the door for every additional one that follows. That first step can lead you on a journey to better health, deeper relationships, clearer minds, and richer lives — so together we can create a healthier world.

So far, I've lost 43 lbs and continue to lose. I'm off my heart medication and have reduced my resting heart rate from 115 to 63 or below. Thanks to Lisa and her Wellness Five program, I'm healthier and I feel more empowered than I have in years! ~ Kathleen, Charleston, SC

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