5 Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner


With Thanksgiving a few days away, all thoughts are turning to food, good times with family and friends and extra calories. Did you know that the average Thanksgiving meal can easily total 3,000 calories? Add additional calories for appetizers and drinks and before you know it you could be up to a whooping total of 4500 calories in one day.

But don’t despair…relax, be thankful and enjoy your holiday. To keep your attitude in check and not put yourself on a guilt trip, here are 5 tips to burn off some of those excess calories.

  1. Enjoy a Thanksgiving Walk. Once the turkey is in the oven, go for a walk around your neighborhood or local park. It’s a great way to visit with family and friends.

  2. Walk or run in your local turkey trot. You can pre-burn the feasting calories you will consume later in the day.

  3. Walk and shop through Black Friday. You can log a lot of miles shopping, whether it’s an indoor mall or outdoors in a popular shopping district. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing to make the walk pleasant while getting all the steals and deals.

  4. Treadmills. Once the temperature starts dropping, use your treadmill for more than a clothes hanger and get walking. Even if you don’t have your own treadmill, hitting the gym is also a good option because they tend to be less crowded.

  5. Are you flying over the Thanksgiving holiday? Instead of taking the tram between concourses, walk and get in lots of extra steps.