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Forest Bathing — Finding Wellness in Nature

“Ecotherapy movements” are sprouting across the United States that call for a renewed focus on natural forms of medicine long popular in Eastern cultures. One of the more interesting groups are practitioners of what’s known as “forest bathing,” which is based on a Japanese health philosophy known as “Shirin Yoku” — or “taking in the forest atmosphere.”

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5 Best Ways to BOOST your Metabolism in 2019

Happy 2019 everyone!  It is a great time of year to realign ourselves, to 
set goals, and to refocus our attention to healthy living.  Our metabolism creates energy from the food and drinks that we consume so it is 
important to focus our attention on what we are putting in for fuel. These tips will help you start your journey to health and wellness and our hope is that you will continue on this wellness journey with us.

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