For the Love of Reading


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more fiction. I’ve enjoyed plenty of non-fiction in the past because I love keeping up with new research the field of health and wellness. But reading fiction is a way to expand understanding of others and build empathy. It also inspires creativity and improves ability and understanding of how to tell stories. Indeed, most of us can remember a good story.
    To provide myself some accountability while developing this new habit, I joined a book club that included several of my friends. This added to the fun of doing something out of my comfort zone.  How bad could it be to read books I might never have picked up, share insights with people I like and trust and can see on a regular basis?
    Here are some additional benefits of getting lost in a good novel:
1.  Improves memory. Reading activates parts of your brain that create new synapses for remembering things.
2. Lengthens your life by an average of 2 years, and you only have to read 30 minutes per day to reap this benefit.
3. Makes you smarter. Reading improves vocabulary and the ability to articulate, and it increases creativity.
4. Relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. After only 6 minutes of reading, heart rate and muscle tension typically drop.
5. It’s a sleep aid. Reading right before bedtime, and making it part of your nightly routine, tells your body it’s time to slow down and get some sleep.
    Need any more reasons to pick up a fiction book and jump in? You may find you a whole new world of experiences and joy await you in a good book!

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