What’s Healthy, Tasty, and Inexpensive too?

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Fall is a time of cooler temperatures, changing leaves and football games. However, it is also a time where there is an abundance of fall fruits and vegetables. Not only are these fall foods full of nutrients, but they’ll keep your immune system strong so you’re prepared when the temperatures turn chilly.

There are many benefits to choosing fall produce: they are better for your health, the environment, your tastebuds, and your budget.

When fruits and veggies are eaten in season, they are more nutrient dense because they are not harvested too early. Fruits and vegetables are also likely to be at their best price in the fall, so you’ll save money by sticking to what’s in season. Seasonal eats are good for the environment because they reduce water use, land use, soil degradation, and pollution.

So what are the10 healthiest fall fruits and vegetables? Listen here to find out.