How To Get What You Want

Lisa at the SC Bar Convention 2019

Lisa at the SC Bar Convention 2019

I was a presenter at the SC Bar convention last month. One of the other speakers said, “Many people would rather be right than free.” It got me thinking about why some people have success with weight loss and others don’t. 

Many people join my programs with prior knowledge of diet and fitness. They have tried different things in the past — maybe with some results — yet they haven’t been able to keep the weight off or the fitness going. They are hopeful this time will be different. They are disillusioned and disappointed when they don’t get results. They don’t realize that simply coming to class is not enough.

Others come in with an open mind because they know there is a better way, and want to “be free,” once and for all. 

Of course, it’s not easy to get results. Your opponent is big, formidable. Fact is, your opponent is you — or rather — your ego. But you have the advantage, you know his/ her weaknesses. 

For some of us, it’s self-doubt — for others, it’s a fear of failure, so why bother? Fact is, wishing won’t do it. You have to apply yourself mentally and physically. But there is no deprivation required. Only taking some small action steps consistently, with no quick fixes or shortcuts.   

What is it that you really want? 

— Lose weight.
— Look and feel better in your clothes.
— Improve your self-confidence.
— Have more energy.
— Reduce stress.
— Get off medications, become more active, etc. 

Commit to a small goal like eating one more vegetable each day. Add a healthy carbohydrate like an apple, a tangerine or some berries. It’s never too late to get going. Simply re-commit to taking one small step after another, on a regular basis, over a specific period of time. And the weight loss you want will be yours, you’ll have a zip in your step and the energy to make what you want in life possible. 

Are you ready to drop the extra weight, look great and feel years younger? I have an idea that may be perfect for you. Do you have a minute to chat by phone? If so, email me here.

Intern WF