How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Career

3-Minute Read

Keeping your employees happy does not have to be expensive.  Holiday bonuses and fun company outings can boost morale, but there is a simpler and less expensive way to improve your company’s culture.  Are you ready for this million-dollar secret?


Practice gratitude.  If your employees are performing well, tell them!  Offer a simple thank you and get a good return on your investment.  An employee who feels valued for his or her  work is more likely to continue to work hard for your business.  Building trust between employees and employers is also key for retaining top performers.  Expressing appreciation for their efforts, large or small, is a good way to build that essential trust.


Another way to express gratitude and build loyalty is to invest in a program that helps employees become healthier and happier.  To learn more about how I can help you make a healthy investment in your employees that will pay off, visit today.

Lisa Burbage