5 Best Ways to BOOST your Metabolism in 2019


Happy 2019 everyone!  It is a great time of year to realign ourselves, to 
set goals, and to refocus our attention to healthy living.  Our metabolism creates energy from the food and drinks that we consume so it is important to focus our attention on what we are putting in for fuel. These tips will help you start your journey to health and wellness and our hope is that you will continue on this wellness journey with us.

Kick it into HIGH gear…
The next time you are hitting the trail, treadmill or even the pool think about your intensity level.  You can trick your body into incorporating short intervals on ONLY 30 seconds or higher of intensity and then return to your normal speed.  This strategy will make your body need more oxygen and work harder to burn energy.  Your workout can actually become shorter with the boosts of high intensity intervals.

eat fish.jpg

Eat the Fish…
Omega-3’s balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation which helps regulate your metabolism.  Omega-3’s also reduces your body’s resistance to the hormone leptin which is linked to how fast you burn fat.  If you don’t like fish – that’s ok, adding some walnuts,  flax or chia seeds and fortified eggs to your daily diet will give your metabolism the same Omega-3 benefits.


An apple a day keeps more than the doctor away…
Apples are great regulators of blood sugar and are full antioxidants.  They are cancer fighters and also fight asthma.  Fun fact about the apple – it is a natural and more effective way to wake up in the morning than coffee.  Although coffee can boost your metabolism in the short-term regular coffee drinkers have built up a tolerance to this benefit and it no longer works.  Apples on the other hand wake you and prevent you from having the dreaded afternoon caffeine crash.

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Don’t cut calories…
One of the most frustrating parts of dieting is that if you cut too many calories your metabolism thinks they are lean and puts on the brakes to your fat burning.  The trick is to make your metabolism work harder while you are dieting.  Eating enough calories to match your resting metabolic rate.  You can calculate yours here.

Grazing is good…
Our bodies need fuel and nourishment all throughout the day.  Grazing is a great strategy to curb hunger and actually eat less overall calories. These little snacks/meals during the course of the day will keep your metabolism running all day by holding your blood sugar levels steady and preventing weight gaining insulin spikes.  So, for 2019 try 6 small snacks/meals per day at about 300 calories each to keep your metabolism on point.

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