3 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

3-Minute Read

We’re hearing a lot these days about “fake news” lately, especially on cable television from an endless array of “experts” obsessed with all things political. But it’s “fake food” that takes the cake when it comes to a very personal, extremely critical matter: losing weight and keeping it off.

Since I’ve had the opportunity to bring my Wellness Five healthy-living programs to variety of organization in recent years, what I’ve heard the most: “I can lose weight, but I can’t keep it off. What am I doing wrong?”

Well, my answer is quite simple. Willpower, counting calories, “special” foods and fad diets don’t work in the long run. You may be able to get some weight off doing these things but within a year it’s all back on and then some. That’s because losing weight and keeping it off is neither a matter of willpower nor a moral shortcoming. It’s a quality-of-food problem for most of us.

We are bamboozled by purveyors of engineered, modern processed foods. Much of it has to do with false advertising, which is especially prevalent on television, in food packaging, on the internet and, well, just about everywhere. So beware. Those processed meats, frozen TV dinners, fiber enriched breakfast bars, vitamin infused gummy bears and so on and so forth are not real, well, not real food anyway.

So tune out the hype and get back to basics. Eat whole foods, real foods and foods that mother nature gave up that come out of the ground. Commit yourself to developing healthy habits around healthy eating by making simple changes each and every day. Through making these changes on a consistent basis you re-wire your brain, your taste buds change, and you get weight loss results that really matter — in both the short run as well as the rest of your life.

Lisa Burbage