Time is Money, Money is.... Stress?

With an increasing number of student-debt-riddled graduates getting jobs, employers should consider the effect financial wellness can have on employee productivity and the workplace. Indeed, financial illiteracy is problematic, some employers have learned. 

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Lisa Burbage
Forest Bathing — Finding Wellness in Nature

“Ecotherapy movements” are sprouting across the United States that call for a renewed focus on natural forms of medicine long popular in Eastern cultures. One of the more interesting groups are practitioners of what’s known as “forest bathing,” which is based on a Japanese health philosophy known as “Shirin Yoku” — or “taking in the forest atmosphere.”

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For the Love of Reading

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more fiction. I’ve enjoyed plenty of non-fiction in the past because I love keeping up with new research the field of health and wellness. But reading fiction is a way to expand understanding of others and build empathy. It also inspires creativity and improves ability and understanding of how to tell stories. Indeed, most of us can remember a good story.

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How To Get What You Want

I was a presenter at the SC Bar convention last month. One of the other speakers said, “Many people would rather be right than free.” It got me thinking about why some people have success with weight loss and others don’t. 

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Intern WF
5 Best Ways to BOOST your Metabolism in 2019

Happy 2019 everyone!  It is a great time of year to realign ourselves, to 
set goals, and to refocus our attention to healthy living.  Our metabolism creates energy from the food and drinks that we consume so it is 
important to focus our attention on what we are putting in for fuel. These tips will help you start your journey to health and wellness and our hope is that you will continue on this wellness journey with us.

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Cues and Triggers

Last week on my vlog—or video blog— we learned about the importance of a cue when it comes to having good and bad habits. Most of us are looking to break bad habits. So, in our example, we focused on eating left-over birthday cake in the refrigerator after a long stressful day at work. We learned the three parts of what makes a habit: the cue, the routine and then the reward. The cue is something that happens— an event, an action, a person or persons or an emotional state.

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Carbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

“I am not supposed to eat carbs when I am trying to lose weight.”… I hear this often. But nothing is further from the truth when you are trying to lose weight, live longer and reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and regulate your blood glucose and cholesterol.

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What does being Healthy really mean?

I saw my doctor the other day for my annual physical. As always, we talked “health” and compared notes. One thing I was surprised to hear her say was some patients don’t see a correlation between being overweight, getting sick and quality of life — “sick” meaning taking multiple medications, getting a chronic disease or simply not feeling their best overall.  She said too many people don’t see the connection between their weight and their health. They think that allowing themselves to become overweight means they aren’t vain; that losing pounds has little or nothing to do with health, only appearance.

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