Your company is ready. Are you?

You’re not alone in your struggle to lose weight and get healthy. A lack of energy, stress, and stubborn extra pounds are common struggles many of us experience.

You spend your whole day at work. Why not invest some of that time into reaching your goal to live your healthiest life?

Sign-up for your company’s wellness program and let’s start this journey, together. We’ve had success with many people just like you. Are you ready?

What To Expect

  1. Fit into those pants you’ve been holding on to “just in case”

  2. Have confidence when you walk into a room because you love how you look

  3. Gain more energy and feel less sluggish at work and with friends and family

  4. Lower your health care costs and prevent future injury and disease


"I look and feel much better in my clothes

than when I started the Wellness Five program." ~ Pat,

Charleston, SC

"Through the Wellness Five program I’ve lost

weight, lowered my blood pressure,

experienced increased energy, and have a greater sense of

well-being."~ Jackie, Charleston, SC

"Thanks to Wellness Five, I have less stress, I’m

enjoying my work more, and able to spend more quality

time with my family."~Suzanne, Summerville SC


Have questions we didn’t answer here? Send me a note, I’d love to chat with you. - Lisa B.

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95% of all chronic diseases can be prevented or delayed by making healthy lifestyle changes.