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Meet Lisa.

Maybe you have tried changing your habits to lose weight by calorie counting, exercising or cutting down on sugar and carbs? Or decided you have no long term willpower and dieting isn’t for you. You enjoy eating out, socializing, having fun and spending time with family and friends where food and drink abound.

How do I know? I’m a recovered food addict. I could change my habits for awhile by eating healthy and as a result lose some weight. Then a change would occur in my routine and I’d binge on the foods I had missed. Add some stress to the mix and then I would convince myself that I didn’t have enough time or no real reason to stick with a restrictive lifestyle. After all I was fairly healthy. I exercised occasionally and thought that would undo any extra calories I was consuming. But deep down inside I knew if I couldn’t get the weight off and keep it off, I was eventually going to have health problems.

Imagine never yo yo dieting or losing the same weight over and over again. Where you lose weight for good without depriving yourself of the foods you love or the things you like to do. Where it’s fun to go shopping for clothes because you have dropped a couple of dress sizes. Where getting in and out of your car, crossing your legs or sitting comfortably in a chair or airplane seat is no longer challenging or embarrassing.

It’s possible to lose weight once and for all even if you have been unsuccessful in the past, get off medications, have more energy and feel better about yourself.  If you have decided now is the time to start taking care of yourself, click here to book a one- on- one coaching call with me.